What are SDGs?

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are seventeen goals and 169 targets set up by the United Nations to end global issues like poverty, inequality and climate change, to protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. As an international operating company, we are aware of the fact that we can contribute to these global challenges when we integrate the SDGs in our strategy and business model. To determine which SDGs are the most material, we performed a peer- and customer analysis and we executed a survey, and interviews with internal and external stakeholders. After the consultation with the stakeholders the board validated the results. natural-looking images.

Our contribution to the SDGs


Eye health with Low Blue light
In 2020, the amount of time we spend looking at a display is staggering. Hours of staring at screens might not be as harmless as it seems, current research suggests. In order to prevent harmful effects caused by certain wavelengths, AOC has stepped up and developed a Low Blue Light mode. Filtering out a certain blue light spectrum, the technology helps increase safety and wellbeing when working with monitors for any period of time.

Ergonomics for a more comfortable working space
People working at desks can often spend up to a third of each day sitting and looking at a monitor. An improper setup might cause bad posture which, in turn, can result in back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder and arm pain. For this reason, it’s crucial to equip a workplace with ergonomic furniture, including a monitor with an ergonomic stand. Therefore, we have been focusing on developing products with improved ergonomic features to enable comfortable working conditions while still benefiting from our excellent display quality.

Good health and well being in our facilities
Good health and well-being are not only important for our customers but also for our employees in the offices and production facilities. The 6 production facilities of AOC & MMD are regularly audited by an external auditor regarding environmental and social themes.


As an internationally operating organization with different supply chains, it is our responsibility to protect the working conditions of our employees and those in the supply chain as far as we can.

Employees first
We offer competitive remuneration and benefits packages in accordance with industry practices, which are reviewed regularly to remain competitive within the market. We operate various retirement schemes, including pension plans and post-employment medical plans in accordance with local rules and regulations.

Inclusivity and diversity
Our company is committed to provide our employees with an inclusive workplace that embraces and promotes diversity and equal opportunity. We have zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination in any form. Employment is offered only to the best-qualified applicants considering their ability to meet the job requirements, irrespective of whether they are referrals or direct applicants.

Looking at the environment, our parent organization conducts periodic audits to ensure that our growth is not at the expense of the environment. The production locations that supply AOC all have an ISO 14001 certification.


- Development of a doggy door to be able to replace cables for the UK and Swiss market.

- Implementation of placing bar code on cable to avoid plastic bags for all B2B monitors.

- From polyfoam to cardboard packaging throughout selected B2B models.

- Removing of installation CD-ROM on selected B2B models.

- Brown boxes for B2B and B2C mouse and keyboards.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Pillars

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