Create, elevate, imagine

The AOC U3 Graphic Pro monitor is designed specifically for creators who value high-quality, high-performance, multiple ports, and audacious design.

Whether you are editing photos, videos, music, or code, the AOC Graphic Pro Series Monitor will deliver an immersive and accurate visual experience. It's much more than just a screen; it's a tool for your creative expression.

Calman Ready

Chứng nhận VESA DisplayHDR™ 400

98% DCI-P3

Delta E<2

Công nghệ chấm lượng tử

Red Dot Winner 2023



Exceptional color accuracy

Experience unmatched color accuracy with Calman Ready technology, ensuring precise and consistent results as your display device connects directly to Calman color calibration software, providing tailored viewing experiences for films, TV shows, and various media forms.

Calman Ready displays and devices are equipped with the ability to communicate directly with Portrait Displays’ Calman® color calibration software. Devices that are Calman Ready can quickly connect with the software and leverage its precise and automated calibration capabilities (AutoCal™).  Calman Ready allows for easy, precise and quick calibrations with your brand-new AOC display.

Enjoy a more immersive and realistic visual experience.

The AOC U3 Graphic Pro Monitor covers 98% of the DCI P3 color space, making it ideal for graphic and photo editing as it can reproduce more shades of red and green than a standard sRGB monitor.

Delta E<2

Delta E <2 color accuracy means superior, accurate color reproduction, achieving better than the eye can see color difference.

Audacious design

The AOC U3 Graphic Pro Monitor won the category of product design in the Red Dot Award, one of the most valued international competitions for product design, communication design, and design concepts. The 4-sides frameless edge-to-edge screen gives a modern look and offers an expansive experience which makes the display feel larger.


Vesa Certified DisplayHDR™ 400

VESA Certified DisplayHDR™ 400 delivers a significant step up from regular SDR displays. Unlike other 'HDR compatible' screens, true DisplayHDR™ 400 produces astonishing brightness, contrast, and color peak brightness of up to 400 nits; images come to life with notable highlights while featuring deeper, more nuanced blacks. It renders a fuller palette of rich new colors, delivering a visual experience that engages your senses.

One cable is all you need.

Đơn giản hóa các kết nối chỉ với một dây cáp. Kết nối USB-C cung cấp Chế độ thay thế DisplayPort để truyền tín hiệu video có độ phân giải cao từ máy tính xách tay sang màn hình đồng thời sạc pin của máy tính xách tay từ màn hình bằng nguồn điện USB. Ngoài ra, USB 3.1 đảm bảo truyền dữ liệu nhanh như chớp, do đó, thậm chí việc truyền phim 4K có thể được thực hiện trong vòng chưa đầy một phút.

Much more connectivity

Several connections further facilitate all activities. The USB 3.2 connection ensures extremely fast data transmission, so that even large files can be transferred in less than a minute. The HDMI connection transmits video and audio in a fully digital way, preserving image quality even for 4K content. The DisplayPort connection works by transmitting, in a single cable, digital signals that can contain video, audio, and other data between devices.

Feel the comfort!

The U3 monitor's adjustable height, tilt, swivel and pivot support helps you find the most comfortable and healthy position.

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