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Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. In this statement we use "cookies" for convenience as an umbrella term for techniques such as cookies, flash cookies and web beacons. They do not take up much space and are automatically removed when they are no longer valid. Some cookies expire at the end of your Internet session, while others are stored for a certain period of time.

Types of cookies

There are various types of cookies for different applications. Some only serve to let you browse through the website and view certain features. Others give AOC insight into your user experience, for example if you have trouble finding what you are looking for. This allows us to make improvements and make your future visit as enjoyable as possible. Cookies set by AOC are called 'first party cookies'. Cookies set by external parties are called 'third party cookies'. Third party cookies ensure that functions or functionalities of third parties can be offered on or via the website (eg advertisements, interactive content and analyzes). The parties that set up these third party cookies can use this to recognize your computer or mobile device, both during your visit to the relevant website and on certain other websites. AOC uses both first and third party cookies for various reasons.The most important cookies are the required cookies. These are essential and help you navigate the website and use basic functions such as media plugins. Then there are functional cookies that ensure that you can save your shopping cart, create a wish list, and that your shipping details are stored for faster payment. Performance and analytical cookies are used to improve the website (s) or to be able to send relevant offers. To manage this, data is collected about browsing. These can be linked to a unique identifier, so that can be understand how you communicate with AOC on different platforms, as described in our privacy statement. Interactive cookies are used so that you can communicate with social media or submit assessments. Target, advertising cookies, and social media cookies remember your preferences to show you relevant ads outside of AOC sites. In addition, social media cookies can be used to track your activities on social media platforms.

Use of cookies

AOC uses cookies primarily to ensure that your visit to our website is as enjoyable as possible, but also for advertising purposes during your future visit (s) to other websites. Below is a more detailed overview of the types of cookies we use and why:

  1. Mandatory cookies. These are essential and help you navigate and search our website and

    use certain functions (eg these cookies ensure that your shopping cart is kept throughout the payment process). These cookies are required to activate core functionalities of the site. These cookies are stored for the duration of your browsing session.

  2. Functional and analytical cookies: These exist so that we can offer you a better customer experience (these cookies, for example, ensure that you can store your shopping cart and that you can create a wish list). With these cookies the site usage can be analyzed, so that the performance can be assessed and improved. These cookies can be placed by AOC or a third party on its behalf and are stored for the duration of your browsing session.
  3. Cookies for advertising and social media: i. These cookies remember your product and purchase preferences or support marketing efforts in other ways. With these cookies, data can be shared with advertisers, such as what you find interesting or fun, so that the displayed ads are tailored to your preferences (sometimes called "target cookies").

    ii. These cookies help to gain more insight into the shopping behavior of visitors. This enables AOC to continue to improve the website, making shopping easier and more enjoyable. This also includes marketing messages sent to customers (sometimes called "performance cookies").

    iii. These cookies are used when giving your opinion. These cookies allow you to "like" or recommend the website or content on social media and to chat with the customer service staff. You can also advise other (potential) customers by assessing products (sometimes called 'interactive cookies').

Turn off cookies

You can change your browser settings to remove certain cookies or to prevent them from being stored on your computer or mobile device without your explicit permission. The "help" section in your browser provides more information about how to manage your cookie settings. Here is more information about how this works for different browsers:

Internet Explorer: manage-cookies Mozilla Firefox: Google Chrome: Safari: Opera:

Adobe (flash-cookies):

You can visit or http://www.youronlinechoices.e... for more information on the options that some third parties offer to opt out of certain targeted advertising activities. You must visit these websites from your browser and device on which you wish to unsubscribe. Because the opt-out tools may differ by type of cookies, if you delete your cookies, you may have to visit these websites again to restore your preferences.


This cookie statement is updated from time to time, for example, to mention changes to used cookies, or for other operational, legal or legal requirements. Therefore, visit this cookie statement regularly to stay informed about the use of cookies and associated techniques.

More information

If you have questions about our use of cookies or other techniques, you can send an e-mail [email protected].

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