Legal Disclosure

AOC International (Europe) B.V. Amstelgebouw Prinsbernardplein 200 / 6th floor 1097 JB Amsterdam Phone: +31 20 504 00 10 Fax: +31 20 642 30 70

Legal domicile: The Netherlands

Trade register Berlin Charlottenburg: HRB 6426

VAT ID NUMBER NL: NL850326977B01

STEUER-NR.: 29/505/00316

WEEE REG.-NR.: DE56780540


Managing director: Nico R. R. Vernieuwe

General Manager: Nico R. R. Vernieuwe


Disclaimer of liability

All information, functional and product descriptions, and price information (offers) at this website are for information purposes only. Although AOC strives for the technical and factual correctness of the information, errors cannot be completely ruled out. AOC therefore assumes no liability for the correctness, completeness or currency of the information. Liability claims against AOC that are related to material or immaterial damage that are based on use or failure to use the information offered, or the defectiveness or incompleteness of the information offered are fundamentally excluded. All offers are non-binding and subject to change. AOC reserves the right to make partial or complete changes, additions, deletions and temporary or permanent adjustments to the publication without further notification.


The content published on this website (designs, graphics, texts and their selection and arrangement) are protected by copyright. Any use not in keeping with German copyright law, unless explicitly stated otherwise, requires the prior written consent of an AOC representative authorized to issue it. Permanent storage, reproduction or distribution of the pages is prohibited.

Data protection

We take protection of your personal data very seriously. For this purpose, AOC uses security technology and supports guidelines that prevent unauthorized use of personal data. Data proved through this website may be used by AOC for customer service or marketing purposes..

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