Professional Monitors 


Gaming Monitors


We have maintained our focus on display technology and have continued to innovate in this field, always with the same goal: delivering you a great experience with our products, no matter the purpose of use. For demanding professionals, we provide computer displays with high resolutions, high color accuracy and an impressive set of advanced features. For style-conscious home users, we offer high-performance monitors with unique, eye-catching designs. For standard office purposes, we fulfil important energy efficiency standards with our broad range of business monitors, many of which come with comprehensive ergonomic adjustment options.


For professional gamers, we redefine awesomeness with our selection of AOC Gaming and AGON gaming displays, which not only excel with their fast performance, but also with their unique designs and gamer-specific features.

Whatever display you need, we are passionate about providing it to you, always aiming for the highest quality possible, and always with our 3-year warranty.

Performance and Practicality in your routine

Frameless monitors with impressive and immersive viewing experience. Ready to support any complex work with Picture by picture and Multiview. It offers a wide array of connectivity options thanks USB-C with Power Delivery up to 65W, 4 USB ports & HDMI. Unlike bulky, uninspiring monitors, the design of the V5 series brings a lightweight, contemporary look to modern desks and home offices. They feature a thin base (12.1 mm), and an ergonomic, height-adjustable stand: the V5 series does not compromise the chic interior design of any living spaces.


Enhance your productivity with professional P-serries

Offering superior picture quality and sharp imagery that reveals the finest details. It has the IPS panel that ensures an excellent viewing experience with lifelike yet brilliant and accurate, colors look consistent no matter from which angle you look at the display. These monitors include AOC built features like Low-Blue Mode and Flicker Free technology to support professionals in taking their productivity to maximum level. 


Work smarter and more effectively

More screen real-estate increases productivity, allowing you to multi-task, keeping an eye on emails, having multiple applications open, or easily following videoconferences. But what if you are out of your office without your desktop screen? With a portable monitor connected to your laptop you can work better and smarter wherever you are - at your home office, when traveling or visiting customers, or even if you are studying in the library. Possibilities are endless and so is the flexibility when using an additional portable monitor.



The AGON series can offer the perfect weapons for Heroes to enforce their powers. With cutting-edge technology and top-notch features such as delivering the highest refresh rate with the best resolution, AGON products can serve as the tool to give that advantage over your opponents. Providing gamers with more refined equipment that can help them maximize their performance. Upgrading to higher FPS or peripherals with more precise input compliments their skill and effort. Customization is important, as well as great resolution and ergonomics, as they spend much time with their passion for gaming.

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