Monitor 16T2

Expand your productivity

Screen size (inch)


Product type

Portable Monitor

Touch points

10 points

USB-C connectivity

USB-C (DP Alt mode) x 2


Smart cover

Panel type


Speaker power

1 W x 2

Vesa wallmount

75x75, 100x100

AOC's 16T2 expands your working and gaming space in an instant. The 9mm slim and super light 15.6" IPS display boasts vivid colours and features 10-point projective-capacitive touch recognition. Connect to a laptop or smartphone via USB-C within seconds and is easily set up or stored with the included smart cover.

Productivity on the go

Possibilities with the 16T2 are endless. Extend your laptop display on the go or at the home office, use it for presentations, or taking notes during a meeting or lecture. Play videos anywhere, get a digital signature from a client, or boost your smartphone display to play mobile games to a 15.6" size. It's limited only by your imagination.

Portable - compact and lightweight (9mm thickness, <1.2kg weight)

Thinner than most notebooks, lighter than most waterbottles - the 16T2 is just 9mm thin and weighs only ~1 kg without its flexible cover. Fits perfectly in any backpack or purse and is easy to carry. On top of that, this screen is robust and resistant against scratches (H3 hardness).

10 points capacitive touch display

With 10 point projective-capacitive touch recognition technology, the display easily detects 10 fingertips at once. Certified with Windows 10 touch support and compatible with many touch-sensitive applications and games. Great for taking notes on the go, getting a digital signature, or playing your favourite mobile game.

Smart cover

The included smart cover protects your display inside or outside your bag against dirt and damage. When the display is in use, the cover acts as a flexible screen holder, in portrait or landscape mode.

Usb-c connection with laptop or smartphone

Easy connections anywhere you go. With the USB-C ports on two sides of the 16T2, connect a laptop, smartphone or computer in an instant with a single cable. USB-C carries network, data, video signals and power simultaneously with a single cable. No extra clutter. If connected via HDMI, you will need to plug the USB cable to your device to enjoy touch function.

IPS Panel

IPS panel ensures an excellent viewing experience with lifelike yet brilliant and accurate colours. Colours look consistent no matter from which angle you look at the display

Vesa bracket

Not only good for on the go: create a small self-service signage kiosk by mounting the 16T2 touch display to a monitor arm or wall mount, using its optional bracket to VESA 75x75/100x100 mm included. The 16T2 fits perfectly as a kiosk display, for customers to enter feedback, or make orders, or just play informational videos in the background, show timetables or news.

Stereo speakers 2x 1W

Integrated stereo speakers with 2x 1W sound output for improved sound quality on the go, to play videos or games. Upgrade tiny smartphone speakers with this wider soundstage and improved sound experience.

Built in 8000mAh battery / Power bank for mobile charging

The 16T2 boasts an 8000mAh built-in battery. While in use, the battery powers the monitor, while switched off, it acts as a power bank and can charge devices connected via USB-C. A fully charged 16T2 can recharge today's average smartphones twice - a lifesaver when a smartphone battery is about to die.

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