Accessory GM500

Capture the leader boards


Wired USB 2.0


AOC G-Menu

Grip Style

Palm, Claw



Number of buttons

8 (8 programmable)

On board memory

1 profile


5000 DPI

NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer

NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer

NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer enables you to monitor and minimize total system latency by letting you control each component. Thanks to its precise responsiveness and player control, you can pinpoint bottlenecks and make sure that you compete at the lowest latency possible.

DPI Button

The DPI button lets you manually switch between four different DPI settings on the fly and choose the right speed for any given game and playstyle.

Optical Sensor

The Pixart 3325 optical gaming sensor with 5000DPI, a tracking speed of 100 IPS and an acceleration of 20G is the ultimate tool for precision. Your inputs will be translated onto the screen accurately and as rapidly as possible.


No matter what your gaming setup looks like, your new gear is 100% guaranteed to fit in visually: 16.8M RGB customisable backlightolours let you choose whatever shade you prefer and you can change it at any time.

Personalize your Game

Deze muis is verlicht met RGB-achtergrondverlichting, waardoor de klassieke gaming-sfeer wordt gecreëerd. U kunt verschillende kleuren kiezen, afhankelijk van het DPI-niveau waarop u uw muis instelt.

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