Expand your potential with AOC portable monitors


Work smarter and more effectively

More screen real-estate increases productivity, allowing you to multi-task, keeping an eye on emails, having multiple applications open, or easily following videoconferences. But what if you are out of your office without your desktop screen? With a portable monitor connected to your laptop you can work better and smarter wherever you are - at your home office, when traveling or visiting customers, or even if you are studying in the library. Possibilities are endless and so is the flexibility when using an additional portable monitor.

Choose your portable solution

With touch screen, USB-C connectivity or with power bank function.


Flexibility for 

your mobile work


Equip your small 



Stay connected 

when travelling

Pack and go

Thinner than majority of notebooks, lighter than most water bottles - the AOC portable monitors are really slim and lightweight. They fit perfectly in a backpack or purse and are easy to carry. With protective cover or sleeve, the screen is safe from scratches or dust, so you do not need to worry about it being damaged when you’re on-the-go. Your portable monitor works perfectly with both phones and laptops. It can even work as a power bank when you’re on the go.


One cable, multiple options

AOC portable monitors can easily be used without any additional power source! Just plug them to your laptop or smartphone, and you’re ready to go! USB DisplayLink technology, USB-C, Hybrid Solution, or MicroHDMI - you can choose your preferred connection and AOC will have you covered.


Versatile Smart Cover

While using it, the smart cover transforms into a flexible stand to set up the display in portrait and landscape mode easily.*


Enjoy the stereo sound

Upgrade tiny smartphone speakers with this wider soundstage and improved sound experience. Integrated stereo speakers with 2x 1W sound output for improved sound quality, to enjoy videos or games.*


* Smart cover and stereo speakers are available only in certain models.

AOC respects your data privacy

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