Accessory MM300S

Get the best out of your mouse's performance


The MM300 comes in a classic black with a touch of grey – to fit seamlessly into your existing setup without drawing the focus from your favourite gear.


For every moment, where you don’t quite hit the mark, this mousepad provides a waterproof surface, allowing you to wipe out small mistakes like you wipe out your enemies.

Anti-slip Rubber Base

Why should you equip yourself only with the best items around, when being inside the game, but make compromises for your setup? This mousepad has an anti-slip rubber base, that ensures that no win will ever slip through your fingers.

Soft mouse pad with anti-gray stitched frame

As soon as you’ve found your favourite character or weapon, you probably also want to get a skin for it. And since you are our favourite character, we care for your skin. That’s why this mousepad is a soft mousepad with stitched frame and cloth coating, going easy on your skin, while you go hard on your enemies.

Choose your favorite size

Not only very flexible thanks to its materials – it also helps you bring flexibility to your setup, since it comes in 4 different sizes, providing the same high quality gaming experience across each one. This gives you the chance to have one mousepad in the perfect size for your main gaming setup and a smaller version of the exact same feeling wherever you are.

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