Get up to speed with 240Hz

Step up your game by increasing your refresh rate to 240 frames per second!

why 240Hz?

Unleash the full potential of your high-end GPU on a monitor that can produce 240 frames per second! With a lightning-fast refresh rate of 240Hz, you’ll experience your favourite games in flawless picture quality without any motion blur. The high responsiveness displays in-game information faster, boosting your reaction time.


Experience gameplay like never before on this curved 35” ultra wide gaming monitor with WQHD resolution (3440×1440) and lightning-fast refresh rate (200 Hz). Immerse yourself into your favorite games and enjoy tear-free and colour rich visuals thanks to its G-SYNC Ultimate and DisplayHDR™ 1000 technologies.

Why is 240Hz important for gamers?

The most popular computer and video games on the market feature action-packed multiplayer, in which every single second counts. Therefore, it is essential to have excellent image quality – even in the most frantic moments in battle or races for example. 240Hz monitors are perfectly suited for fast competitive play. But they also enhance the quality of singleplayer games drastically thanks to more fluid motions and flawless pictures without any blur effect. Many modern high-end GPUs are able to produce more input than screens with lower refresh rates can handle, but a 240Hz monitor can keep up with even top-notch video cards.



27” VA display with 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms MPRT and 300 nits

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AOC_24G2_PV_ FRONT.png


Adjustable display with 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms MPRT and Adaptive Sync

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