CU34G2X maksimerer spillopplevelsen din. Takket være WQHD-oppløsningen, byr den 34" kurvede skjermen på detaljerte og klare bilder. I tillegg får du en oppdateringsfrekvens på 144 Hz, responstid på 1 ms og AMD FreeSync, som gir deg en ekstremt jevn spillopplevelse.

Scene of the Adventurer

AOC Gaming offers a broad range of products to cater the need of every gamer, no matter their skill or preferences. Adventurers are keen to venture into many different genres.  Therefore, they search for products that are just as versatile as them.


Casual Gamer

Adventurers are prepared for everything and ready to explore many different genres and virtual worlds. They test out different titles regularly, have relaxing gaming sessions with their friends and are open to follow new trends. Slaying fearsome dragons here, jumping into a demanding raid there, solving complex puzzles in the next game – the Adventurer enjoys it all.

All Adventurers Must

An Adventurer needs reliable allrounder equipment. Products that are specifically tailored to a genre won’t appeal to them as much, they want something that works for every game and serves as a long-term companion. They search for great graphics, easy to use equipment and the best experience for a sound price.

Favourite games

An Adventurer enjoys exploring the vast world of video games and discovering new gems, such as Triple-A titles, open world adventures or RPGs.

AOC respekterer personvernet ditt

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