Accessory AGK700 - RED

Be swifter than your opponents

Programmable keys

All keys programmable


AOC G-Menu

Light sync FX


1.8 m

Cherry MX Red Switches

Cherry switches are one of the leading features when it comes to top quality on the gaming market. The switches are available in different colours with different features each. The Red Cherry Switches stand out due to their incredibly fast response rate: only as little as 45 grams of pressure are needed to activate any key. With an input that quickly and reliably, the Red Switches are perfect for fast-paced games and intense action in esports, especially shooters.

N-Key Rollover & 100% Anti-Ghosting

The more competitive a game gets, the more APM (actions per minute) you need. The N-key rollover ensures that all your input is being registered correctly. The feature guarantees that no matter how many keys you press, every single input gets noticed and implemented in-game.The N-Key Rollover goes hand-in-hand with anti-ghosting. In case you accidentally press adjacent keys, the feature eliminates “ghost” registrations and only forwards the input you intend to send.

Detachable magnetic leather wrist rest

The grind in competitive games can become quite demanding. The longer you practice, the higher the stress you put onto your wrists. With the detachable wrist rest, your body gets supported no matter how long you’re playing. If you need a change or don’t feel comfortable, you can simply detach the rest and get your wrists into a different position. The wrist rest gets attached magnetically, so you can easily take it on or off within seconds.

Rainbow RGB

Great performance and high responsiveness are essential to keyboards but being visually pleasing is the icing on the cake. Rainbow RGB backlight lets your keyboard glow up and creates the typical gaming ambience.

USB Passthrough

With a 1.8m braided 2x USB cable, your keyboard will have the most durable connection possible to your PC. The braided structure is tear-proof, lasting longer than regular rubber cables. The convenient USB passthrough including 1x USB2.0 allows you to quickly plug in additional gear without forcing you to reach behind your tower.

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