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RGB Lights

For headphones, the audio is of course the most important aspect. But why not have a device that also stands out visually? With RBG lightning, you can make your headphones glow in whatever colour you prefer. The AOC Audio center lets you change your RGB effects with just a click to let your headset fit in with the rest of your gaming set-up.

Leatherette protein with memory foam and metal mesh cover

Headphones need to have a great audio, be comfortable and look stylish. The faux leather with a memory foam padding ensures that you can wear your headphones in comfort. They don’t pinch, even when keeping them on for hours in a long gaming-session. The metal mesh covers on the sides protect your new peripheral so you can safely transport it without any worries.

Detachable boom microphone

Thanks to the detachable microphone, you are always ready to communicate with your team-mates. The mic records omnidirectional, meaning it gathers sound waves from any direction so you can always be heard. The sensitivity and frequency range are set so only your voice gets recorded with maximum clarity while ignoring any noise in the background.

USB 2.0

With a cable of 2 metres and a USB 2.0 connection, your headphones can be plugged in just a second without an extra adapter. As USB 2.0 is the industry standard, the plug is guaranteed to fit into your device and ensures high-speed of your data. High-Fidelity sound quality (24bits/96KHz audio)when connected to your PC or Mac.

50mm drivers

Our AOC headphones come with 50mm drivers. The driver is a round piece in the ear-part of a headset that creates the sound you hear – basically a tiny speaker. A large driver allows for a richer sound with more intense and cleaner bass. A diameter of 50mm is on the bigger end of the spectrum, meaning you will get top audio quality.

7.1 Virtual Surround Stereo

While True Stereo requires multiple speakers, Virtual Surround Stereo can achieve the same feeling with only two units thanks to special techniques. Audio signals sound like they come from more than just two different directions at once, in contrast to traditional 2-channel stereo. This allows for a more immersive gaming, as the player can locate audio sources more precisely and the sounds seem more realistic.


Thanks to the integrated control panel on the cable of the headset, you can quickly mute and unmute yourself with just one click. Right next to the microphone slider, there is a small wheel located to easily adjust the volume. No more inconvenient tabbing out of the game to mute yourself manually in the communication system you’re in.

Adjustable steel slider headband

Our AOC headsets are guaranteed to fit – no matter the size of your head, or if you wear a cap underneath or have glasses. The steel slider headband lets you adjust your headset quickly and is ensured to stay in place and stay comfortable throughout your gaming sessions.

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