Accessory GM300

Capture the leader boards


Wired USB 2.0


AOC G-Menu

Grip Style

Palm, Claw


Right handed

Number of buttons


On board memory

2 profiles


6200 Real DPI

NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer

NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer

NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer enables you to monitor and minimize total system latency by letting you control each component. Thanks to its precise responsiveness and player control, you can pinpoint bottlenecks and make sure that you compete at the lowest latency possible.

Pixart PWM3327

The heart of every gaming mouse is its sensor. The Pixart PMW3327 sensor with 6.200 true DPI will never let you down and translates all the movements of your hand into precise, win bringing actions in every game.

30M clicks

Your enemies won’t wait for you to make your move. That’s why it’s important to have a mouse that directly converts your motions into actions. This mouse comes with switches by Kailh, that not only offer exceptional click sense and response speed but also durability, being rated 30M clicks.

Skin-friendly matte UV coating

Its clean looks make it fit seamlessly into your existing build, while the shape with skin-friendly matte UV coating gives you easy access to 7 buttons, enabling you to always perform at your best.

RGB (Light FX Sync RGB)

Catch enemies red-handed while they try to sneak up on you. You can also catch them blue, yellow or green-handed, depending on which colour you set your mouse to, since it comes with RGB zones with Light FX Sync RGB.

Braided cable and gold-plated USB

It’s as difficult to find the right hardware to ensure your highest possible gaming performance, as it is to find a right-hand man who will stay with you for as long as possible. That’s why this mouse comes with a braided cable and a gold-plated USB, combining the highest quality with long endurance.

DPI Button

The DPI button lets you manually switch between four different DPI settings on the fly and choose the right speed for any given game and playstyle.

Personalize your Game

This model is illuminated with RGB backlight, creating the classic gaming atmosphere. You can choose different colours, depending on which DPI level you set your mouse to.

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