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QHD, Fast IPS, 180Hz, 1ms Response, HDR 400, and Low Input Lag for the ultimate gaming experience

Introducing the Q27G4X, a fusion of gaming excellence and cutting-edge technology. Dive into yourself in a visual spectacle with QHD resolution, providing outstanding images that redefine your gaming encounters. Fast IPS technology takes center stage, delivering outstanding performance in color reproduction and contrast ratio that elevates your gaming experience and offers top-tier gaming setup with superior solution for all-round gamers. With a highly responsive 180Hz refresh rate and a rapid 1ms GtG response time, every frame isn't just visible but striking, providing a competitive edge.

Screen size (inch)


Panel resolution


Max Refresh rate

180 Hz

Response time MPRT

0.5ms MPRT - MONITOR, 180Hz - MONITOR, 1ms GtG - MONITOR

Height adjust (mm)


Sync technology and HDR

Adaptive sync - MONITOR, Vesa Certified DisplayHDR™ 400 - MONITOR

Panel type


Bezel type (front)

3-sided frameless

QHD Resolution

With 2560 x 1440 resolution, Quad HD (QHD) offers superior picture quality and sharp imagery that reveals the finest details. The widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio provides plenty of space to spread out and work, plus allows you to enjoy games or movies in their original size.

Fast IPS

Unlock your gaming potential with Fast IPS panels offering rapid pixel response times of up to 1ms GtG. Say farewell to motion blur as you enjoy sharper images, enhancing precision targeting and boosting performance in high-speed games. Experience the advantages of fast IPS technology, including vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, for an immersive gaming experience and unleash your full potential.

180Hz Refresh Rate

Competitive and intense gaming demands the best technology to ensure lag-free, smoother gaming. This AGON by AOC monitor features a 180Hz refresh rate, making it 3x faster than a standard display. A lower frame rate can make enemies appear to jump from spot to spot on the screen, making them very difficult targets to hit. A 180Hz frame rate restores those critical missing images back onto the screen, revealing enemy movements in ultra-smooth motion, letting you more easily target. With this AGON by AOC gaming monitor, you won't have to put up with input-lag and screen tearing.

1ms Response time GTG - Grey-to-Grey

GtG stands for Grey-To-Grey and represents how long it takes for one pixel to change between one gray level to the next. In gaming, every millisecond counts and can be the differentiator between hitting or missing a shot. Fast response time also eliminates ghosting and motion blur.

Vesa Certified DisplayHDR™ 400

Even the lowest level of High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature poses a significant upgrade to common monitors. The peak luminance of 400 cd/m² enables your display to hone the picture quality with a manifold colour spectrum and more diverse contrast. The VESA-certificate ensures richness of detail and realistic portrayals of game and film worlds.

Height adjustable Stand

Raise or lower the screen to suit each individual’s height and seating preferences. The easy-to-adjust stand ensures hours of comfort.

AOC G-menu

AOC G-Menu is a free tool that you can install on your PC to have complete customization paired with maximum convenience.

Adaptive sync

Adaptive Sync aligns your monitor’s vertical refresh rate with the frame rate delivered by your GPU, making your gameplay and casual gaming experience even more fluid by eliminating stuttering, tearing and judder. This feature is also useful when enjoying videos and other visual media, for a smoother entertainment.

Low Input Lag

Unleash your reflexes by switching to the AOC Low Input Lag mode. Forget graphical frills: this mode rewires the monitor in favour of raw response time, giving the ultimate edge in hair trigger stand offs.

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