AOC Brand’s Achievements:
With continuing improvements on customer service, AOC has gained market recognitions in various continents:
2002, 2003 & 2008

AOC received Champion of the Distribution Channel by CRN Magazine in Brazil.



AOC became No.3 in Brazil monitors market.


AOC became No.2 in branded monitors market in China.     
AOC was elected in Info 200 Company – top 200 in technology (from 82nd in 2005 to 59th position in 2006), Brazil.


AOC ranked Top 3 in monitors and LCD TV markets in Latin Americas countries such as Chile and Peru.
AOC ranked Top 3 in monitor category in “2007 Best Brands Survey” by PC World in Brazil.
AOC received “Fast growing company in LCD monitors market” from CCID in China.
AOC became “China Well-Known Mark”.
AOC ranked Top 4 in Mexico monitors market (by Select).


AOC ranked 33 of 2008 Global Top 50 CE Brands by IDG in CES Daily magazine.
AOC received “Consumers’ Brand Of Choice” by China Computer Users Association.
AOC received Best in Hardware IT Monitors (Top 100 IT & Telecom, IDG ComputerWorld Magazine) in Brazil.
AOC ranked No.1 in Philippine monitor market.
AOC ranked No.3 in Vietnam non-bundled monitor market.
AOC ranked No.3 in India non-bundled monitor market.
AOC in only two years of operation won 14% of Monitor market share in Mexico.

AOC was awarded as Power Brand Malaysia 2009 (Global CEO Magazine) in Malaysia.

  AOC became No.3 minitor brand in Slovenia in Q1 2009.
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